Laney Queers

screenshot of the Laney Queers website

For this project:

  • Founded the club itself and designed the club page within the WordPress multisite restrictions
  • Updated the website with new opportunities and information from the Health & Wellness center for the queer campus community
  • Created and disseminated posters for upcoming club and campus events
  • Started and maintained the mailing list for the queer students, faculty, and staff on campus
  • Emailed the whole campus through the PIO about upcoming events and resources on behalf of the club
  • Wrote copy for the website, emails, and all events
  • Organized events with students, faculty, and staff asynchronously through emails and in person meetings

Lessons Learned:

  • How to navigate campus bureaucracy to share information & resources online
  • A good flyer design will get you far (and Canva is perfect for that)
  • Good copy writing is an undervalued skill






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